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Saturday & Sunday Brunch 

Served 11-3 in addition to our regular lunch menu



Banh Mi French Toast 15

light and airy french toast made with banh mi bread and topped with flambéed bananas and coconut syrup

served with breakfast potatoes and seasonal fruit

Thai Eggs Benedict 17

scratch coconut biscuits piled high with shrimp, spinach, thai basil, poached eggs, and thai chili hollandaise

served with cheesy rice grits and seasonal fruit

Thai Chicken and Waffle 16 

crisp coconut-pandan waffle, stacked with lemongrass marinated and breaded chicken strips, tamarind caramel syrup and sliced red chili

chicken is glazed with condensed and coconut milk, served with fresh fruit (add a fried egg +2)

Hoi an Hash 14 

whipped egg, savory pork sausage, diced noodles served frittata-style with sour soy 

also has green onions and a green papaya slaw, served on a bed of rice

Fried Rice “Over Easy” 15  V G

classic fried rice loaded with vegetables and chicken, topped with an over-easy farm fresh egg

also has green onions, carrots, bean sprouts, tomatoes, bell pepper, broccoli, shiitake mushrooms, and soy

Congee with Chicken and Egg 14  G

the most common breakfast item in the world, this slow-cooked rice porridge is finished with pulled chicken, soft poached egg and sliced crispy bread 

topped with slivered ginger, green onions, cilantro, and sesame oil 

Vietnamese Soup sm 11 / lg 14  G

a traditional Hanoi Style breakfast designed to cleanse and rejuvenate. this savory soup has a rich chicken or beef broth, house-made rice noodles, topped with bean sprouts and green onions 

served with a plate of fresh herbs, hoisen, lime, jalapenos and a chinese breadstick for dipping

(add a soft poached egg for richness +2)


Ham and Egg Banh Mi 13

vietnamese baguette, layered with a farm fresh egg, sliced ham, pickled carrots & daikon, cucumbers, sriracha aioli, and cilantro

choice of side: cucumber 

Juice  5

orange, pineapple, 

grapefruit, or cranberry

Vietnamese Iced Coffee 5

cold brewed, choice of coconut or condensed milk

Thai Iced Tea 4

Spicy Bloody Mary 8

Nue vodka, tomato juice, tamarind, thai chili, kaffir lime, ginger, lemongrass


Mimosa 7

Galeron Brut & real oj


Mimosa Carafe 28


House Pressed Sugar Cane Juice with Ginger and Lime - 5.50

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