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Kid's Menu

for children 12 and under

Fried Rice with Chicken 9  V G

carrots, egg, and tomatoes 

Shrimp Pad Thai 10  V G

noodles with carrots, peanuts, sweet & sour sauce 

Buttered Rice Noodles 8  V G

with chicken, carrots, and lemon 

Kids Chicken Soup 7   G

clear pho broth, chicken, noodles, carrots, potatoes, broccoli 

Make Your Own Meal 11  V G 

Choose your favorite protein, rice, and side item:

Monkey on Palm Tree shutterstock_3941136

Malai Tots


Sliced Chicken (4oz)

Chicken Wings (4)

Tempura Shrimp (4)

Teriyaki Pork Meatballs

Fried Tofu 


White Jasmine Rice

Brown Rice

Simply Fried Rice

Sticky Rice

Rice Noodles 


Steamed Edamame

Steamed Broccoli

Crispy Shrimp Chips

Wonton Chips

Mango and Banana

for babies and toddlers under age 4

Baby Buttered Noodles 5  V G 

with chicken, carrots, and lemon 

Baby Fried Rice 5  V G

with chicken, carrots, and egg 

Any Side Item from “Make Your Own Meal” 3  V G

Side of Avocado 2  V G

V signifies dish can be made vegan/vegetarian upon request      G signifies dish can be made gluten free upon request

 Please alert your server of any allergies, diets, or dislikes prior to ordering. We are happy to help!

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