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Building The Malai Kitchen Empire
The Wages Find The Recipe For Success.

Southlake Style

May 1, 2024

Following your passion and doing it with loved ones is the recipe for success. Malai Kitchen co-founders and husband-and-wife team Braden and Yasmin Wages discovered that secret early in their careers...

From Tacos to Tequila - Five chefs grow with the annual Fort Worth Food + Wine Festival

360West Magazine

March 6, 2024

...Their menu centers on Thai and Vietnamese cuisine, and they strive for authenticity in every recipe...Another distinctive feature they’ve added is making their rice noodles from scratch, which is “very rare in the world,” according to Braden. The process began with sourcing equipment from Vietnam in 2021. “We didn’t start actually serving the noodles from the machine until the end of 2022,” Yasmin says. “We thought it would be so easy. ‘Rice flour, check, water, check’ but it was not.”...

This Best Food Events in Dallas

Dallas Observer

October 19, 2023

Malai Kitchen is back with its one-day Hanoi-style street food pop-up like one might find in Vietnam. They’ll have their own Vietnamese beer, Bia Hoi, for $1. And, as done in Vietnam, everyone will sit on small plastic stools at the tables. The menu includes shrimp ceviche, finger bread banh mi, crispy rice crackers, baked scallops, purple yam donuts and salted caramel fish sauce ice cream. You just gotta go.

Malai Kitchen to Host Annual Bia Hoi Pop-Up at West Village Location on Saturday, October 21

Crave DFW

October 10, 2023

Malai Kitchen, the husband-and-wife-owned restaurant offering a modern take on Thai and Vietnamese cuisine will host their annual Bia Hoi sidewalk pop-up restaurant on Saturday, October 21 from 11 a.m. until 11 p.m. (or until they run out) at their West Village location at 3699 McKinney Ave.

The one-day pop-up will feature a Hanoi-style street food stall along with unique bites like you might find in a stall in Vietnam, and Malai’s signature Vietnamese beer, Bia Hoi, which will be served for $1 per pint. Guests will be able to...

After the Round – Malai Thai-Vietnamese Kitchen

Avid Golfer

October 3, 2023

Malai Thai-Vietnamese Kitchen refers to their dining experience as “a modern approach to Thai and Vietnamese cuisine.” After visiting their Fort Worth location, I can attest, you won’t find a more interesting or delectable menu anywhere. Owners Braden and Yasmin Wages forged their take on Southeastern Asian food after extensive travels to the region, including Thailand and Vietnam. With that in mind, there are some other twists and turns to their menu, which uses only freshly sourced ingredients and almost exclusively scratch-made items...

7 Most Authentic Dishes to Order at a Thai Restaurant, According to Chefs

Eat This, Not That!

September 28, 2023

When it comes to authentic cooking, timeworn traditions and real-deal ingredients are essential to any cuisine..."There are a handful of classic Thai dishes that we use as a bar when trying new restaurants," explains Braden Wages, co-owner and chef of Malai Kitchen, a Thai restaurant with four locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. "These are dishes that are simple in concept, require some not-so-off-the-shelf ingredients to make them real, but have room for creative liberty while still respecting tradition...

Kersten Rettig: How Does Malai Kitchen Use 53,000 Pounds of Flour?

People Newspapers

September 22, 2023

Malai Kitchen’s in-house-made rice noodles are the food equivalent of luscious, soft white velvet. These noodles are different from all the other noodles in North Texas because they are made using a noodle machine designed and built in Vietnam just for Malai Kitchen...

Bavaria To The ‘Burbs

Southlake Style Magazine

September 15, 2023

Flaunting inspired wok-fired entrees, fresh noodles and inventive curries from the husband-and-wife team of Braden and Yasmin Wages, Malai Kitchen has become renowned for eclectic dining at all four locations, including its Southlake outpost within the Park Village shopping district.

Thai and Vietnamese food enthusiasts may not fully appreciate this restaurant’s self-contained nano-brewery, but they should. The restaurant has been faithfully brewing its own beers since 2014. Malai keeps six beers on tap including its Peach Wheat Tea, 3C Porter and its most popular offering, a lemon grass and ginger-inspired glass they affectionately call Thai PA.

Currently under the helm of brewmaster Justin Meyers, who was classically trained in Munich, they are offering a pop-up style experience of Bavarian-style beers from Sept. 16 through Oct. 3 just in time for Oktoberfest....

The Owners of Malai Kitchen Had a Noodle Crisis. 12 Years Later, It's Been Solved.

Dallas Observer

August 3, 2023

Malai Kitchen recently had a giant noodle-making machine shipped over from Vietnam. Does it really make better noodles? We had to find out for ourselves...

From Tex-Mex to Gravy-Smothered Biscuits, Here Are the Best Dallas Brunches


May 22, 2023

Thai and Vietnamese cuisines may not seem like they’d translate well to brunch, but doubt the deliciousness all you want. The food will convince you from the first bite. Awaiting your stamp of approval: Thai Eggs Benedict with coconut biscuits and Thai chili hollandaise, Congee with chicken and egg, and Banh Mi French Toast. Request those dishes in that exact order and you’ll have one of the best three-course meals imaginable. All-day Sunday happy hour is just a bonus...

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