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Travel & Inspiration

Braden and Yasmin Wages met and discovered a shared passion for hospitality while studying at Cornell University's School of Hotel Administration. Post-graduation, the couple honed their skills learning from and working with the acclaimed Hillstone Restaurant Group in California and Texas.


In their spare time, Braden and Yasmin cooked meals from scratch at home and noticed their favorite recipes revolved around the fresh and vibrant flavors of Southeast Asian dishes. They began traveling through Vietnam and Thailand to expand their knowledge of the regional ingredients, flavors, techniques, trends, and customs.


Knowing Dallas lacked a modern take on traditional Southeast Asian flavors—and a place to fulfill their own cravings—the couple decided it was time to open their own place. After consulting with well-known Thai and Vietnamese chefs across the country, Braden and Yasmin opened Malai Kitchen in January 2011. Under their direction, Malai has garnered notoriety for its commitment to great hospitality and polished approach to all aspects of operation.

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